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4 Ways to Boost Sales Using Instagram

Instagram Sales

Since its launch in 2010, Instagram has grown and has been steadily growing as one of the biggest social networking platforms. Today, Instagram has been taken full advantage of by businesses to promote their products and services, develop their brand, gain customers and help them drive sales.

Now, it’s your turn to take advantage of this social networking channel. Here are a few ways on how to use Instagram to boost your sales.

Provide valuable content

In order to attract the attention of your target audience, you have to know what they’re interested in and provide content that they find relevant. Once you have found the right content, match it with clever photos and graphics.

Reach out to customers

One of the simplest and most effective ways to build followers is by reaching out to your customers. Re-post customer’s photos and show the world that your customers are highly satisfied with your products.

Re-posting photos is advantageous as it also encourages other people to share photos of their own.

Hashtag everything
Using the right hashtag is important as it is an important formula in attracting potential customers. It’s also effective in building a buzz and developing and maintaining your brand.
You can use your brand name as the hashtag or create unique hashtags that are associated with your products or brand.

Don’t push the sale too hard
Today’s buyers are smart. They can easily sense if they are being pitched and led to the close. And they will only be interested to purchase your products or use your services if they trust your company. So, it is important to build a good reputation before asking them to buy.

Once you have decided that it’s time to present an opportunity to make a purchase, make your call to action clear.

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