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4 Ways to Increase Your Instagram Followers and Likes


If there’s one thing on social media that makes people happy, it’s getting more followers and likes. Why? It’s because the more followers you have, the greater the visibility. The more likes you get, the more business you get in return.

If you’re sharing a lot of photos, but aren’t getting a lot of love from fellow Instagram users, don’t fret. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to gain more likes and followers on Instagram. Here’s how.

Connect and interact

There are a ton of activities happening on Instagram. One of the best ways to gain followers and likes is to reach out to other users. Check out some of their contents and let them know that you appreciate their content by liking and commenting on their photos. Hopefully, they’ll like your photos or even follow you in return.

Take better photos

Your Facebook and Twitter followers may forgive a few bad posts, but a bad photo is a big no-no on Instagram.

Picture quality matters on Instagram. Data tells us that high quality photos with interesting captions get the most engagement on Instagram. To improve the quality of your photo, use natural light as often as possible.

Hashtag it

Hashtags can increase the likelihood of your photos being viewed by users, even if they aren’t following your account. Use hashtags that are unique yet relevant to the content you’re posting. This way, you’re targeting a more closely grouped set of people.

Timing is everything

With so many people posting pictures on Instagram, it can be difficult to stand out. If you want to get noticed, you need to be mindful about when your audience uses Instagram.

The time that you publish your content could certainly help in reaching more people. Remember, a photo is most active during the first 3 hours of posting. So if you don’t get some engagement during this time, you are less likely to do so in the succeeding hours.

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