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How to Create a Sales Page that Converts

The following template can be used to build a sales page that converts! Step 1: Your headline: Keep your course title clear, but use the subheading to be descriptive and focus on how the item can transform your life. Below this include your first call to action button. Step 2: Description: Keep this to 2-4 short […]

Surefire way to Transform your Business

Email marketing can transform your marketing efforts. Think about it… A Facebook post is hardly seen by the people who Like your business, ads are expensive, and on other networks you need to be posting multiple times per day to even make a mark. Emails on the other hand, go straight to your client’s inbox […]

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Social Media Audit

When was the last time you took an audit of your social media presence? Did it include analyzing your competition? Performing a social media audit can help you to see where you are at, project where you are headed, and see how you can improve your presence. The goal of an audit to to make […]

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Top Mistakes You Can Make as a New Business

Working with businesses owners we see a lot of mistakes and successes. Especially for the new business or freelancer, the mistakes below can completely destroy your business before it has the chance to succeed. Mistake #1: Striving for Perfection “Have no fear of perfection – you’ll never reach it.” – Salvador Dali As a type […]