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Reasons to power your website with wordpress
Must Read Business Book - What books have you read recently? Business owners benefit from reading great business books, here is my list of business books to be sure to read.
How to stand out on LinkedIn: Of Twitter and Facebook, LinkedIn is the best social network for lead generation with a conversion rate of 2.74%.* It also tends to direct the most traffic to B2B (and B2C) websites even though there is fewer interactions with specific posts.
Never join a networking group Are you a part of a networking group? How did you decide on which one to join?
Metrics to measure success on Instagram Do you know if your Instagram marketing is working? Is all the time and energy that you're spending following accounts writing comments and sharing images really paying off? Knowing how and what to measure for success on social media networks is one of the biggest concerns that we see for our clients. What metrics can and should you be measuring online for Instagram?
The top sources to find free images that are labeled for commercial reuse, free tools to edit images, and what to do if you get sued for using a copyright image online.
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Write a killed headline in a quarter of the time
3 tips to increase productivity as a working mom
setting your pricing for business
Finding Your Target Market Online
Top three reports to run on Google Analytics
4 ways to humanize your brand
adding and editing a wordpress page
5 tips for better seo on blogs
What is the goal of your website? Is it to work as a brochure for your business, to tell the story of your brand, and to ultimately help sell your services? Now stop to think for a moment. When you wrote your services page, did you think about your company (and personal) values or did you just start listing off what you offer? So often when we are reworking websites for clients, we see their services pages simply stating what they can do. These pages get lost in the shuffle of competitors' websites and don't leave a lasting impression of the benefits of working with you, only the features.
reasons why your business should be writing a blog
We often are asked, “I wrote an article, what happens now?” This checklist provides an overview of the steps to publish your blog or article and how to share it as part of your digital marketing content strategy.
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Best Wordpress Themes for Photographers
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60 blogs in 60 days challenge
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