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Internet Marketing:Social Media

Want to learn some Social Media Tricks?


“The How To’s of Facebook Advertising”

   Everyone has heard of Google Ads, and they can work great and cost you a lot of your marketing budget. One thing with Google Ads is they can be misleading and really they have no restrictions! Facebook, now they are smart little cookies, they have created Facebook ads. This is how Facebook makes money. There are many more rule with Facebook advertising and restrictions, which I like, it is real advertising!


Here are some facts:

–      39 billion views per month on facebook

–      Facebook has 1/20th the number of advertisers than Google

–      On Facebook you can hone in on your target market

–      Facebook can be the future of advertising

–      Facebook pages are public and the Search Engines see them

–      Facebook advertising has been compared as the New age of magazine advertising

–      You have the ability to create an appealing ad

–      You can monitor what people are saying about your ad so you can improve it at anytime

–      The best thing Facebook gives you DATA

Steps to Create Your Ad:

Action 1

1)   Ad Creation

  1. Ads must engage Facebook users
  2. Use “The Creation Form” very simple
  3. Always use a image (Ones you have rights to or free ones)
  4. You can use captions in pictures as well
  5. Using Symbols may attract more clicks

2)   6 Rules you must listen to

  1. Headline – ask a question
  2. Picture – connects with people, tells the story and grabs attention
  3. Content – clear and if you make a promise you have fulfill it
  4. Using symbols &?/!@:) attracts more hits
  5. Use text on Images
  6. Landing page – fulfillment of promise in ad must be on landing page

3)   No No’s

  1. Use caps and lower case appropriately
  2. Grammar must be proper
  3. Do not write incomplete thoughts
  4. Do not use dots like . . .
  5. Only use authentic discounts if you are offering one
  6. Please use appropriate pictures
  7. Watch what you are saying or advertising, make sure it is not offensive
  8. No abbreviations

4)   Ad writing rules:

  1. Be conservative
  2. Tweak ads every 2 days if click through rate is below 2%, or you can tweak the target market as well

Action 2

1)   Targeting

  1. Facebook allows you to target people very specifically, use this to your advantage
  2. Keywords – using information from profiles and data they have put on their profiles
  3. Connections
  4. You can look at people birthdays and advertise towards that
  5. The key is multi layering, you don’t want to take it too far at the same time use the data you can

2)   Cost Pay Per Click with Facebook

  1. They suggest 0.85 per click
  2. Do not go below 50,000 targeted mark, unless your ad is very specific
  3. If Click Through Rate is under 2%, you need to tweak your ad
  4. You can set a daily budget and lower the PPC cost if you want

Action 3

1)   Budgeting – choose what you want to spend on a daily basis

2)   Remember you can set a daily limit of $10 if you want

3)   Run ads continuously

4)   Always start on Pay Per Click on the settings

5)   Facebook gives you a suggested bids, take highest bid and divide it by 2 then that is the amount you want to pay

6)   Facebook give you a estimate of how many clicks you can get, this is NOT a guarantee

I wanted to share this with you, this can be great to increase fan base, promote a special you are having or event better get more attendance at an event! Google is a great way of advertising and really can increase your business. Facebook is just another tool in your marketing tool box that you can use and may cost you a little less. I look forward to seeing your ads on Facebook.

This is what Facebook says about their advertising:

Connect with Real People

  • Reach over 400,000,000 active Facebook users.
  • Attach social actions to your ads to increase relevance.
  • Create demand for your product with relevant ads.

Create Your Facebook Ad

  • Quickly create image and text-based ads.
  • Advertise your own web page or something on Facebook like a Page or an Event.
  • Choose to pay per click (CPC) or impression (CPM) in your local currency.

Optimize Your Ads

  • Track your progress with real-time reporting.
  • Gain insight about who’s clicking on your ad.
  • Make modifications to maximize your results.


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“Different Ways to Create Your Internet Marketing”

Most business people are used to the notion of having live events with paid attendees along with great attendance. I have noticed over the past year that has changed.  The numbers in networking events, workshops, seminars, and classes have gone down in attendance. It seems to me like people are wanting to stay in the comfort of their own home or office, rather that continuosly going to event after event after event. This has hurt the businesses of trainers, coaches, and teachers. Some people are about to give up on teaching because they think that there is no other way out there to teach others what they know.

WAIT there is . . . there are many options to continue what you love to do and have paid attendees and great attendance. With the technology today we have many great options like Webinars, Tele-seminars, Recorded online classes, and YouTube videos. Webinars and Tele-seminars can be found at www.gotowebinar.com, www.gotomeeting.com, www.freeconferencing.com, www.freeteleconference.com these are great resources to look into. With Webinars, there is a visual presentation and people like that. You can have an introduction video or just have a slide show of the content of the class. This is a great way for people nationwide to see you and grow your business. Tele-Seminars are where people have a call number and code and they call into you. This does not have any pictures and is a great tool to use for people that do not like to be on video. Tele-Seminars can be recorded or done live. This is also a great interaction tool where live people are able to ask questions and be interactive with you. Webinars have the same thing. Both of these options have the ability to charge for the event and also count RSVP, and then you promote them the same way as you would a live event, for example; networking events, pass out flyers, social media, website, facebook ad Etc.

YouTube videos are a great way for an introduction overview that you can blast out to your contacts and keep them up to date on current events you have. This is where people that are use to doing live events have a problem; they miss that live face to face interaction. With video you can still have face to face, just not person to person. The one thing I like to most about webinars and tele-seminars is they can all be recorded! This is a great way to create online product to sell to other clients and/or customers. By allowing yourself to create online products it will really will free up a lot of your time.

Think about it . . . if you could spend 3-5 hours a week creating online products such as video courses, recorded calls, e-books Etc. You could then send the rest of the time promoting your products and letting people come to you, rather than driving all around town teaching, finding a place to hold the event, figuring out cost, making promotional materials, drive time. Your time is the most valuable thing in business so we need to choose wisely. I look forward to seeing your products.

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Over Coming the Fear of Internet Marketing

Over the past 5 years or so, internet marketing has become a large part of business marketing and advertising. Before the Internet grew this large, there were other ways of advertising like TV, Newspaper, Print Magazine, Radio, and Door to Door.  Some people would say that the “old” ways of advertising were a lot more personal and private, and the thought of putting information on the web was scary. Now you need to be cautious and smart but internet marking can reach more people nationwide on a daily basis than those other forms could. Technical side of our world is constantly growing and some may say that is a great thing and some may say it is not. In my opinion internet marketing is a great thing, this can help our businesses come together all over the world and unite and also build a closer community.

There are many different ways of internet marketing strategies just like there are in a lot of industries. Someone told me the other week that there are many ways to do a lot of things, and there are only a few ways to do something wrong. With Internet Marketing including Social Media there are many ways to get results and have it be a profitable avenue for your business. People have a big fear when it comes to Social Media because you are exposing yourself, your businesses, and your opinions out into the world. You are finding people on Facebook from high school, college, old jobs, and other areas of life; this can be overwhelming and makes you want to resist Internet Marketing. What I would say is Don’t let the fear stop you from reaching potential client, the internet is a great way to grow your business and get the exposure that your business deserves. When you go to in person networking events, seminars, leads groups ect. you are meeting a certain percentage of people in your community, there are still thousands of people right in your back yard that could use your services/products  or would e a great power partner for you. Internet Marketing can include creating a blog, where you voice your opinion on your passion, that will convey a personal aspect. you can also post videos of your product/service, be active on social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter), having a good website that is SEO (search engine optimization).By utilizing all of these tools you can increase your business immensely.

One of the aspects of Internet Marketing that I value the most is how you can track everything. With Social Media you can add fans, followers, and connections. Once you build those then you can start seeing how many people are being active on your sites and want to know what is going on with your business. With blogs you can put Google analytics on the back side so you can monitor how many people are coming to your site, where they are located, and what days they are coming to your site. This is a great tool to have in order to know what days are the best to post your videos and blogs.

Internet Marketing can be a little overwhelming but the secret to Internet Marketing is to create a plan of action. In this plan of action you will discover what your goals are, what are you excepting out of internet marketing, what type of people can help your business grow and who can you help as well. Do you need to do blogs, videos, social media, and more? Let’s find out!

Why have a Facebook Page

Why have a Facebook Page
Recently one of my clients had forwarded an article to me about why you need to have a facebook page for your business, so I clicked on the link http://bit.ly/b5vRrW and the title was Study Shows That Facebook Fans Become Valuable Customers so it talked about how this local Houston bakery had increased their business exponentially due to their Facebook Page called ”Sweet”. This is what they said:
(In the Italic are my thoughts)
Here are 5 key takeaways from Dessert Gallery’s example:
1. Use Facebook and other social media sites to establish an online presence, reaching a larger audience and attracting potential customers, prospects, vendors and even media. Using a Facebook Page is a great way to reach not only into your own community but also into many more, you can build great relationships, which then build trust and then build business and customers.
2. Engage with your community for free and easily post up-to-date information about promotions, new products, upcoming events, etc. Social Networking like Facebook is FREE for people to join which makes this a very cost effective way to promote your business. Keeping people up to date online can save money on printing inside the store/shop, posting coupons online for your fans to see and use is measurable way to track where your NEW clients/customers are coming from. By posting events and coupons this keeps your community up to date and not only that it makes them feel a part of your business, this builds relationships. On Facebook pages you are able to post pictures and videos; here you are able to show new products that you have. Remember 85% of our world’s people are visual so having pictures is a great way for them to purchase online or come in and shop!
3. Strengthen customer relations by interacting with customers directly on a social level as opposed to a business level. A lot of what I talk about is building relationships with your prospects and current clients/customers and the interacting part of Facebook is remarkable, you can also stay up to date on them! Facebook has a totally different feel to it then when people just stop by your shop or speak to you a couple times a month.
4. Listen to customers’ feedback. Customers are more likely to share reviews about products/services as well as good or bad experiences online, so utilize the information presented for your company’s benefit. I cannot tell you enough how important this tool can be. When I started my business one thing I was told is a successful business owner is always open to feedback and constructive criticism, I think about this every day. Using this tool and asking for your customers/clients feedback is a great way to interact with them and then incorporating their ideas or at least valuing their opinions.
5. Keep expenses low by building a Facebook Fan Page for free. Take advantage of low-cost, online resources instead of spending money on direct mail and paper advertisements
. I LOVE that Social Networking is FREE! I think all businesses need to be doing Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube because they are all such great tools for you to grow your business and reach thousands of people. One of the major fears that small to large size businesses have is how much everything is going to cost and what will their return be. By utilizing the amazing marketing tool and internet marketing strategy you can really see a huge return and didn’t even have to spend a penny! That is a smart business owner.

If you have questions or need help getting YOUR Facebook page set up please let us know. We would love to help you get your page set up and start growing your business.

“Why Do I Need Internet Marketing?”

“Why Do I Need Internet Marketing?”
I think all business owners need to learn about Internet Marketing Strategies. When you Google “Internet Marketing” this is the definition that comes up in the Wikipedia Internet marketing also refers to the placement of media along different stages of the customer engagement cycle through search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO), banner ads on specific websites, e-mail marketing, and Web 2.0 strategies.
Internet Marketing Strategies can really help your business succeed. If you offer an amazing service or product, Internet Marketing is a great place to advertise it and see results. The best thing about Internet Marketing Strategies is there are so many of them that are FREE! A few reasons you should learn about Internet Marketing Strategies are One: there are so many different ways that you can be very creative and stand out, Two: You will build a network of people that you build relationships with and that is when business will start happening, Three: You are showing why you are an expert in what you do and educating people, this builds trust, which builds business!
We are always wondering as Entrepreneurs “How can we grow our business?” Well by using Internet Marketing Strategies you can achieve this. I like to think of Internet Marketing including Social Networking as a very large in person networking event, because it is all about building those relationships and being of service to people. Internet Marketing Strategies can feel a little overwhelming when you dip your hand in because there are so many different ways to do Internet Marketing like advertising, writing articles, Social networking, webinars, newsletters, email marketing, Websites and blogs, videos, and many more. I think the part that people tend to forget is finding the ones that work for you! Just because one person made a huge success from one thing does not mean it will work for you. You need to explore your options and see if advertising online works best or maybe just Social Networking or maybe even writing articles. Internet Marketing Strategies take some time to figure out, I also recommend you find someone who is an “expert” with internet marketing strategies, social networking and blog sites to get their opinion on these and see what input they can give you. From my experience Social Networking and blog sites with videos capability have shown the most return. You do have to be careful when it comes to Internet Marketing because there are a lot of online SCAMS that people can fall for. Here are a few tips to remember when tapping into the Internet Marketing world; first, do not pay over $500 for a website, when it comes to a website ask about SEO, SEM, Videos and blogging content. Second, be careful of the scams online that say” I grew my down line over 3000 people in 2 weeks and for $$$$ I can show you” those are just very wrong to me. Third, do your research! Research the people you are going to work with, the products you want to use, protect yourself. Fourth, remember anything that goes up online can come down and we cannot live in fear of the internet world. Internet Marketing is a large variety of tools that can help you grow your data base and customer base; I challenge you to learn more

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Secrets to YouTube

1)    Make your videos viral

2)    Use other social media outlets to post your videos like Twitter, Digg, Facebook, ETC

3)    Have a plan or theme for your videos

4)    Make sure the sound is clear so people can hear you clearly

5)    Keep your content engaging to your audience, make it funny and informative

6)    Keep your videos clean without too much conversation

7)    Have your logo and information (Video bumper) on each video

8)    Write down your goals for YouTube, what do you want to give and receive from it

9)    Use a good camera and editing tool. ( Windows movie maker, Camtasia are good editing tools, cameras any cannon or Kodak are great)

10) Make sure you are recording with an HD camera and publishing in HD so it is very clear for your viewers

11) Have a color scheme to your videos and stay congruent

12) MOST IMPORTANT BE YOURSELF, show your authenticity

13) Remember nothing is perfect online, it is better to get videos up rather than trying to look like Oprah, as small business owners we do not have a backroom stage crew

14) Practice before doing your video that you will post out into the Internet world

15) Think of doing an ongoing series of videos then think of making a product of those videos

16) Do more than just talk if you are doing a video longer than 3 minutes, be interactive and have handouts and pictures

17) Work hard on getting you videos between 2-5 minutes, after that it is hard for people to stay engaged. If you are creating a product or training that is different

18) Make a schedule for your videos, once people start to like you and follow you they will be used to a schedule, this also keeps you on track.

19) Have a creative sign off that people will remember and brands you

20) Ask for feedback from your viewers and have them leave comments

21) Work on bringing other people into your videos, clients, coworkers, friends, family so it is not always you

22) Do not use music unless you have permission

23) Remember the title of the video is just as important as the content

24) Use your keywords in your title and tagging in YouTube and other Internet outlets

25) Use tags in addition to the keywords, as this also get people attention

26) Do not stress over negative comments leave them, pay attention to them and see if it is something you need to change or someone just having a bad day

27) Use as many social networks as you can to get your videos out there, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Digg, Delicious, ETC

28) Let your customers and email list know when a new video went out and ask them to share it

29) Add your videos to various communities and subject areas of YouTube for more exposure

30) Remember to thank people who post positive comments and see if you can do the same for them

31) It is ok if all your videos are not all huge hits, be patient and practice

32) Have a script or bullet points you want to make in your video

33) Use analytics tools like YouTube insight to track your sources and hits

34) Use the word “video” in your title


36) Choose your thumbnail picture wisely. YouTube actually allows you to choose your thumbnail picture

37) You can delete comments on YouTube, so do not hesitate to get rid of those negative or rude comments on your YouTube channel

38) You can put up more than one video at a time

39) Be real, don’t try and fake something you’re not

40) Have FUN and focus on fun, and then it will be fun for others

41) Aside from your logo and website include a phone number and email people can reach you at

42) Watch others in your industry and learn from them both good and bad

43) Stick with your target market. You want loyal viewers

44) Do videos in different locations, office, outside, client project ETC. If using a webcam please make sure when you publish it that your lips are sync with your words

45) Make a YouTube Channel profile, it gives your viewers a personal touch

46) Do NOT cuss or use inappropriate language. Stay away from religion and politics in videos

47) Use props, costumes, pictures and other “organic” items in your video.

48) Create a video bumper with your logo and theme music before you start

49) Utilize other videos sites to get your videos posted

50) Specify your channel type, and have a clear sense of what you are offering on the YouTube channel’s main page.